Sammy Kershaw

Iconic entertainer, Sammy Kershaw, has amassed three platinum and six gold albums that have scanned and streamed in excess of 5 million records and nearly 100 million combined songs sold. Often referred  to as the “heir apparent” to legendary ‘voice’ George Jones, the GRAMMY nominated performer helped  shape and make the ‘90s a shining decade for country music. His multi-platinum albums were propelled  into the record books by hits such as “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful,” “Queen of My Doublewide  

Trailer”, “I Can’t Reach Her Anymore,” “National Working Woman’s Holiday,” “Love Of My Life,”  “Cadillac Style,” “Don’t Go Near The Water,” “Haunted Heart”, “Vidalia” and many other milestones. Growing up in Kaplan, Louisiana, Kershaw was enthralled with the masters at an early age – names like  Conway Twitty, Mel Street, and George Jones. In fact, as a teenager, Kershaw had developed such a  reputation for his vocals – even then – that he was often called upon to open for those acts, and others  like them. Jones was so impressed with Sammy that he frequently invited him to perform on his shows  whenever he was playing in the region. 

From the time that he released his debut single for Mercury Records, “Cadillac Style,” critics and fans all  made the comparison to George. Rather than run from them, Kershaw embraced them. After all, that  stone Country sound was what Sammy Kershaw was all about – and that’s what he was going to give his  fans! “Cadillac Style” made it up the Billboard charts and, from there (to quote Jones), the race was on!  Follow-ups such as “Don’t Go Near the Water” and “I Can’t Reach Her Anymore” established him as one  of the finest traditional artists of his time, while records like “Yard Sale” showed that haunting Jones  influence was very much a part of everything he is about. In 1993, Sammy Kershaw topped the singles  chart with “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful,” which has become one of the most-played records at  Country Radio over the past three decades. Albums such as Don’t Go Near the Water and Haunted Heart  were both certified as million-sellers by the RIAA, and only continued to add to his stature. The hits kept  coming on the airwaves, as well. He added to his resume such classics as “I Can’t Reach Her Anymore,”  “Meant to Be,” his cover of The Amazing Rhythm Aces’ “Third Rate Romance,” and 1998’s “Love of My  Life,” which cemented his reputation as a balladeer. 

Kershaw’s chain of major hit records continues to sell-out shows and can be found touring on the road – both on his own as well as part of his successful Roots & Boots Tour with Collin Raye and Aaron Tippin.  The three continue to bring their signature sounds to the fans year-after-year all over North America. 

In addition to performing to sell-out audiences, Sammy Kershaw continues to record and release new  music with three albums currently in the works, along with putting the finishing touches on his long awaited autobiography – which promises to be as juicy as a bowl of the gumbo he loves to prepare in his  Louisiana home! 

The past has been a great, long-winding road of highs and lows for the legendary Sammy Kershaw, but  to quote one of his past singles, the goal isn’t to rest on those accomplishments, but to be “Better Than I  Used to Be.” 

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